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6-35kV Shunt Capacitor bank Container


6-35kV Shunt Capacitor bank Container

Shunt capacitor bank containe

High voltage shunt capacitor is mainly used in power frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz) 1kV and above AC power system to improve power factor and improve power grid quality.


    Overview of TBB type capacitor complete set device

    Complete set of TBB high-voltage parallel capacitor device
    It mainly consists of high-voltage parallel capacitors (C), series reactors (L), zinc oxide lightning arresters (FV), discharge coils (TV), isolation switches (QS), pillar insulators, busbars, and fittings.
    The complete set of TBB type high-voltage parallel capacitors can effectively improve the power factor of the power grid, improve the quality of power supply voltage, and reduce the losses of power transformers and transmission lines. The TBBZ type high-voltage reactive power automatic compensation device uses a reactive power automatic controller to detect the voltage and power factor of the power grid. Through comprehensive judgment of the system voltage and power factor, it controls the automatic switching of each group of capacitor devices to achieve balanced system voltage and improve power factor. So as to reduce line loss, improve power supply quality, and effectively solve the problems of reactive over compensation and under compensation.
    capacitor bank container


    Product features

    The selection of iron core series reactors for reactors has low losses, small volume, and will not interfere with indoor structures and control equipment.
    The unit adopts an internal fuse structure, eliminating the need for external fuses. It has a compact structure and reliable protection.
    Adopting a four pole linkage grounding switch, the device has an anti misoperation locking function, ensuring safe and reliable operation and convenient operation.
    The front end of the cabinet door adopts a plate-like structure, which can effectively prevent the degree of damage to the front end in case of accidental accidents of the device. The side adopts a mesh structure, which is conducive to observing the operation status of the capacitor and strengthening heat dissipation.
    The device is processed internally within the company to complete all parts, assembled, packaged and transported as a whole, and the installation workload on site is minimal.
    The device has a high degree of standardization and good universality.
    The device has a beautiful appearance, neat wiring, and a small footprint.



    The complete set of TBB and TBBZ high-voltage parallel capacitors is suitable for 35kV, 110kV substations, 220kV substations, 500kV substations, and 750kV substations in power systems and industrial and mining enterprises; Enterprise distribution stations with voltage levels of 6kV and 10kV, as well as newly built and expanded parallel capacitor devices in various levels of distribution networks.