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6-24kV High voltage Capacitor Unit


6-24kV High voltage Capacitor Unit

Capacitor Unit

High voltage parallel capacitors are suitable for parallel connection in AC power systems with power frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) of 1kV and above.

    Capacitor Unit

    High voltage parallel capacitors are suitable for parallel connection in AC power systems with power frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) of 1kV and above. They are used to compensate for inductive reactive power, improve power factor, improve voltage quality, reduce line losses, and fully utilize the efficiency of power generation and supply equipment.

    AC filter capacitors are suitable for connecting with other devices (such as reactors and resistors) to form AC filters, which are connected in AC power systems with a power frequency of 1kV or above (50 Hz or 60 Hz). They are used to provide a low impedance channel for one or more harmonic currents, reduce network harmonic levels, and improve the power factor of the system.



    Usage environment

    The ambient temperature range for the installation and operation of capacitors is -40 ℃ to+45 ℃ for BAM type capacitors, and -25 ℃ to+55 ℃ for BFM type capacitors. The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters. Regions exceeding 1000 meters can offer plateau type products when placing orders.


    Product features

    1. Main raw materials: High quality double-sided roughened polypropylene film, ultra-thin (4.5 μ m) Aluminum foil and benzyl toluene oil have improved the electrical performance of the product. 
     2. Automatic folding of aluminum foil: The aluminum foil electrodes of capacitor components are automatically folded at the beginning, end, and edge to improve the electric field distribution at the edge of the electrode plate and enhance the partial discharge level of the capacitor. 
     3. Internal fuse: The internal fuse and component isolation structure made with patented technology completely eliminates the phenomenon of internal fuse refusal, misoperation, and group explosion, making capacitors safer and more reliable. 
     4. Discharge resistance: Each series section has a discharge resistance, and high-quality high-voltage glass glaze film resistance can ensure safety by reducing the remaining voltage of the capacitor from √ 2Un peak voltage to below 75V within 10 minutes after disconnecting the power supply. 
     5. Advanced core assembly assembly line: The processes of component winding, pressure resistance selection, internal fuse assembly, core pressing, core wrapping, and core packing are all completed on the mechanized assembly line, ensuring the quality of core assembly. 
     6. Automatic tungsten pulse argon arc welding (TIG welding): The seams of the capacitor shell, the seams between the box wall and the box cover, and the docking between the lifting bracket and the shell are all completed using a robot workstation, making the welds flat, smooth, beautiful, and firm without leakage. 
     7. Shell shot blasting treatment: removes the oxide layer and dirt on the surface of stainless steel, roughens the surface, improves the adhesion strength of the paint, and is not easy to peel off At the same time, effectively inspect the quality of the shell weld seam. 
     8. Spray painting robot: The imported spray painting robot and ultra high speed rotary cup high-voltage electrostatic spray gun make the surface of the capacitor paint evenly and finely sprayed, and the paint surface is smooth, delicate, and beautiful.


    Application field

    Mainly used to improve the power factor of the power grid, improve voltage quality, and reduce line losses