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6-35kV high voltage Capacitor bank Indoor


6-35kV high voltage Capacitor bank Indoor

Shunt capacitor bank

High voltage shunt capacitor is mainly used in power frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz) 1kV and above AC power system to improve power factor and improve power grid quality.


    Technical performance index

    1. Capacitance Deviation: 0 to + 5%, the ratio of the maximum capacitance to the minimum capacitance measured between any two line terminals in three phases shall not exceed 1.02.
    2. Dielectric loss tangent Tan δ: Tan δ ≤ 0.03% for full film dielectric at 20 ℃ under rated voltage UN.
    3. The continuous operation voltage is 1.0un, and the long-term overvoltage is not more than 1.1un.
    4. Steady state over current (including harmonic current) shall not exceed 1.43in.
    5. The specific creepage distance of capacitor outer insulation is greater than 25mm / kV.
    6. The bursting energy of capacitor shell is not less than 15kj.
    7. The capacitor can withstand earthquake intensity of 8 without damage.
    8. The altitude of the installation and operation area shall not exceed 1000m.
    9. The ambient air temperature range of the installation and operation area is - 25 ~ + 45 ℃.
    10. When put into operation, the residual voltage on the terminal shall not exceed 0.1un
    11. The installation and operation site shall be free from severe mechanical vibration, harmful gas and steam, conductivity and explosive dust.a8e871e3-fcb7-4131-b395-747459aa3069kd8



    1. The capacitor is mainly composed of shell, core and outlet bushing. The shell is welded with thin steel plate or stainless steel plate, and the cover is welded with outlet bushing. The wall on both sides is welded with hanging climbing plate for installation and lifting. The core is composed of components and insulating parts. The device is made of polypropylene film and aluminum foil (plate) or polypropylene film and capacitor paper.
    2. The internal connection of high-voltage shunt capacitor is usually single-phase, and three-phase products can be provided when users need it.
    3. Each component in some high voltage shunt capacitors is connected with internal fuse, which can cut off individual breakdown components in time to ensure the normal operation of the capacitor as a whole.
    4. Some high-voltage shunt capacitors are equipped with discharge devices, which can reduce the residual voltage of the capacitor from √ 2un to below 75V within 10min. According to the needs of the buyer, the device can be reduced to lower voltage in a shorter time.