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Industrial application of MCR type dynamic reactive power compensation device

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Industrial application of MCR type dynamic reactive power compensation device


MCR type dynamic reactive power compensation device can be widely used in the following fields.

1 Power System

1) Ordinary substation. By adding MCR with a certain capacity on the basis of the original capacitor bank, the dynamic and continuous regulation of reactive power in the substation is realized, the frequent action of circuit breakers is avoided, the utilization rate of capacitors is greatly improved, and the power factor is significantly improved.

2) Hub substation. By installing a reactive power compensation device composed of mcr+fc filter in the hub substation, or adding MCR on the basis of the original FC filter to form a reactive power compensation device, improve the stability of the power grid and increase the transmission capacity of the line.

3) Low voltage reactor. Changing the low-voltage reactor of the substation into MCR not only has all the functions of the low-voltage reactor, but also has the function of reactive power compensation device.

4) Line reactive power compensation. Through the appropriate ratio of capacitor capacity and MCR capacity, the action of vacuum contactor can be basically avoided, the reliability and safety of equipment can be improved, and the service life of equipment can be greatly extended.

5) Reactive power compensation of distribution transformer. Tsc+mcr technology is adopted to greatly improve the compensation accuracy (0.2 kvar), greatly reduce the switching action frequency, and effectively ensure that the reactive power compensation of distribution transformer reaches a high power factor of 0 99-1, realize the real reactive power configuration layered partition balance.


2 Metallurgical System

Rolling mills and electric arc furnaces are the most typical reactive impulse loads. Using mcr+fc filter for dynamic reactive power compensation can greatly improve power factor, reduce voltage fluctuation and flicker, eliminate harmonic pollution, greatly improve power quality, improve the safety factor of power supply system, reduce energy consumption per unit production, and improve product quality.

3 Electrified Railway

Electrified railway adopts single-phase power supply mode. Due to the randomness of locomotive, the load of traction substation has the characteristics of single-phase impact load, with frequent load fluctuation and high harmonic content. It is impossible to realize high power factor compensation by using simple fixed compensation mode. If MCR with appropriate capacity is installed on the basis of FC filter circuit with sufficient capacity, high power factor compensation can be achieved at any time, voltage fluctuation can be reduced and voltage quality can be improved.

The characteristics of single-phase load of electrified railway also brings serious problems of high negative sequence component to its upper power supply substation, and even leads to the negative sequence protection action of power plants and substations. By installing mcr+fc filters in these substations and adopting the strategy of phase separation control according to the Steinmetz method, this problem can be properly solved, and it can be directly connected to the 110 kV power supply system for compensation, without the investment of intermediate transformers, the floor area is smaller, and the loss of equipment itself can be reduced by more than 70%.

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