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110kV substation China State Grid Construction site of  35kV shunt reactor

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110kV substation China State Grid Construction site of 35kV shunt reactor


220kV substation China State Grid Construction site of 35kV shunt reactor

In recent years, with the continuous development of the power grid, the length of transmission lines and capacitive charging power have also increased. The 220kV substation power grid has a high operating voltage on the busbar when under light load or when the line is unloaded, and even reactive power backflow occurs on the high-voltage side of the Qiaolin substation during some time periods (especially during the Spring Festival period). It is difficult to control the power factor assessment indicators of the 220kV gateway load within a safe range. Through the installation of 35kV reactors in this project, reactive power can be absorbed during light loads, reactive power flow can be controlled, operating voltage can be stabilized, and the power factor assessment indicators of substation loads can be improved. Especially for suppressing excessive bus voltage and reactive power backflow during flood and low load periods, it is the most effective control method to ensure the stable operation of the power grid during the Spring Festival.


It is reported that the total investment for the installation of 35kV reactors in the 220kV Qiaolin substation project is 3.5729 million yuan, with a total of two new 35kV parallel reactors added, each with a capacity of 10 MVA, connected to the 35kV section I and II busbars of Qiaolin substation. The project has renovated one 35kV reactor switchgear, added one new 35kV reactor switchgear, and correspondingly added secondary equipment such as protection and measurement and control.


In order to ensure that the people of the whole county can have a safe and sufficient new year of electricity supply, Yantai Power Supply Bureau has early determined that this key project must be completed and put into operation before December 2023. The civil construction of the project began in November, but due to the heavy rainfall in November and December, it seriously affected the progress of civil construction. It was not until the end of December that the electrical construction phase began. Tonglu Power Supply Bureau overcame unfavorable factors such as delayed equipment delivery and high construction difficulty, strengthened the safety, quality, and progress management of the entire project process, strengthened the coordination of the project implementation process, strengthened the management of the technical renovation project schedule and safety risk control, strictly implemented relevant construction standardization procedures, and construction personnel worked overtime and continuously worked hard, ultimately achieving the construction goals as scheduled.